Prehab Group Session


Prostatectomy Prehabilitation

Urinary incontinence, or the loss of bladder control, sometimes happens following surgery. It can be caused by a change of pressure on the bladder, muscle spasms, poor bladder habits, or damage to the sphincter muscle, which controls bladder flow.

Prostectomy rehab isn’t just about kegels. 

It’s about: 

  • Learning how to breathe properly 
  • Intraabdominal pressure
  • Body mechanics with lifting and transfers
  • And so much more! 

Prehabilitation prior to surgery can help speed the path to continence and improve quality of life post operatively!  

Get ahead of the game and join me for a prehabilitation class to get you ready to thrive after prostatectomy. 

Small and intimate group classes, with men in your similar situation, offered at Thrive Indy PT. If you would prefer, a solo prehabilitation class could also be scheduled – please contact Katrina for more information. 

Please feel free to bring one trusted support person with you – sometimes it can be helpful to have an extra set of ears, eyes, and notetaker on hand as you’re managing everything. 

Please contact Katrina (via email, SMS, or phone) for any additional questions or information.