Dear Pelvic Floor,

We've got this.

We’re going to do those jumping jacks, and leave the ground. 

We’re going to be intimate with our partner, and enjoy it. 

We’re going to go on that road trip, without needing to know where the next bathroom exit is. 

We’re going to sit and watch that movie, in comfort and without pain. 

We’re going to jump on the trampoline with our kids, and fly. 

We’re going to get back to that exercise routine, that helped us strengthen our body and our mind.  
We’re going to thrive

Katrina’s specialties

Pelvic Health

Pelvic health physical therapists treat the muscles and tissues in and around the pelvic floor. These muscles and tissues can affect bladder, bowel, and sexual health from menstruation through to menopause. Your therapist evaluates these muscles and tissues to assess strength, tone, reflexes, and coordination – to see if any issues might be related to the symptoms you are experiencing. This helps to guide the treatment sessions as well as your home exercise program and progression. 

What Katrina treats (not an exhaustive list, but a solid start!): 

  • Pelvic pain (low back/hip/groin pain, sciatica, chronic pelvic pain, vaginismus, painful sex/dyspareunia, vulvodynia/vestibulodynia, coccygeal/tailbone pain, endometriosis/painful menstruation)
  • Bladder Health (stress and urge urinary incontinence/leakage, prolapse, urinary retention, difficulty initiating urine flow, urinary urgency/frequency, overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder, chronic UTIs)
  • Bowel Health (constipation, anal incontinence/leakage, rectal prolapse, rectal pain)


During pregnancy, pelvic health physical therapists can help address body pain and discomfort and urinary leakage while your body is making these major changes and adaptations. Our goal is to empower you with the tools you need to thrive through pregnancy, allowing you to stay active and pain free during pregnancy, and prepare for postpartum healing.

What Katrina treats:

    • Low back/hip/groin pain
    • Pubic bone pain/pubic symphysitis
    • Pelvic/vaginal pain
    • Diastasis recti/abdominal separation
    • Pelvic organ prolapse
    • Pelvic floor/core strengthening and coordination
    • Urinary incontinence/leakage
    • Fecal constipation
    • Labor and delivery positioning/birth prep

Post Partum

Although this term is used primarily just after giving birth, one could say that postpartum lasts forever. It is never too late to address urinary leakage, abdominal separation, or vaginal pain (to name a few). Birthing a child is not an excuse for avoiding activities or returning to function, if you don’t want it to be. You’ve got this!

What Katrina treats:

  • Painful sex/dyspareunia 
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Low back/hip/groin pain
  • Urinary incontinence/leakage
  • Urinary urgency/frequency
  • Urinary retention
  • Fecal constipation
  • Hemmorhoids
  • Rectal pain
  • Anal incontinence/leakage
  • C-section or perineal/vaginal scar restriction
  • Diastasis recti/abdominal separation
  • Abdominal weakness
  • Return to fitness/exercise


Menopause can mean extensive physical, emotional, hormonal, and psychosocial changes for a woman. Pelvic floor physical therapists can help address any physical changes, as well as designing an aerobic and strength based plan to help mitigate those effects, and to build muscle and maintain bone density.

What Katrina treats:

  • Painful sex/dyspareunia
  • Stress and urge urinary incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Reduced libido
  • Osteopenia/osteoporosis
  • Bone density
  • Weight gain

Male Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor physical therapists can help men manage issues with urination, pelvic pain, bowel dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction related to pelvic floor weakness, tension, or impaired coordination. Pelvic floor dysfunction is not a condition experienced by only women – men have pelvic floors as well! Determining the impairment and path to returning to your appropriate baseline is imperative to returning to full function. 

What Katrina treats:

  • Post prostatectomy urinary symptoms
  • Urinary retention
  • Urinary urgency/frequency
  • Groin/rectal/penile/scrotal/testicular pain
  • Fecal constipation 

Meet Dr. Katrina

Katrina received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Indiana University in 2008 and has been practicing solely in the field of pelvic health since 2010, empowering women, men, and the occasional pediatric patient. 

After receiving her doctorate she has taken continuing education courses focusing in pelvic floor dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, bowel disorders, and female and male pelvic pain, to name a few. 

Having been a patient in many locations over the years, Katrina really feels that she has honed the ability to give her patients the care and power that they deserve. She has personally experienced the good and the bad of biopsies, hospital births, a loss, a home birth, ER visits, abdominal surgeries, organ removal, menopause, HRT… and has opinions on all of this, but most of all finds it to be a FACT that no one knows your body and your experiences better than you. And no one should take that away from you. 

Katrina believes that empowering patients to have faith in and believe in the strength of their own bodies is her superpower.

When not in the clinic, Katrina loves to read very fictional novels on her kindle, experiment in the kitchen (to mostly positive reviews from her family and friends), and spend quality time with her husband and three children. And sleep, when her kids let her. 🙂

The Goods

These are a few of my favorite products for reference, in a handy location, just in case we decide that any of these would be beneficial during our sessions.

The Clinic

Appointments are held Mondays – Wednesdays at our clinic at 8202 Clearvista Parkway.

Patient Testimonials

Thrive Indy PT
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Colton BrownColton Brown
09:47 16 Oct 23
Fantastic place. The staff is very helpful, and Dr. Katrina Malhotra has been an invaluable expert in pelvic floor therapy.
Susie WalthallSusie Walthall
00:41 17 Sep 23
Katrina is absolutely amazing! I’ve been putting off seeing a pelvic floor PT for my abdominal separation after having my 3 kids because I wasn’t optimistic anything could be done to improve it. Katrina from day 1 was so informative and helpful by meeting me where I was and giving exercises that I could include in my daily life. She is super personable and easy to talk with. I could go on and on about how positive my experience has been so I’ll just say, it is worth the investment and Katrina’s your gal!
Kelly VanceKelly Vance
02:12 23 Mar 23
Katrina is the absolute best for pelvic floor therapy. I had the privilege of having her after the births of two of my three kids. Pelvic floor therapy has the ability to be super awkward and uncomfortable and Katrina made it so easy and safe. My kids and I loved our weekly visits to see her and she made doing therapy with kids in tow, so much easier than other places I have gone to. I highly recommend Katrina to every single mama I know because she is the best.
Jason MapleJason Maple
01:31 22 Mar 23
Katrina helped me through a difficult and and frustrating journey from a accident I was involved in. I was crushed by a tree which shattered my pelvis and caused internal injuries and after 2.5 months of recovery and 4 months of grueling physical therapy I was referred to Katrina. I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do there, but Katrina catered to my situation and my schedule. She always made sure I was comfortable and always made sure I knew what was going on. Katrina was able to really help me make great progress through our sessions and customized an at home program for me to continue on my own and ultimately getting me back to where I wanted to be.
James ZellerJames Zeller
15:24 21 Mar 23
I was cared for by Katrina after a radical prostatectomy in 2014, when she was with RIC in Chicago. I can only echo another reviewer, who described Katrina as professional, competent, and knowledgable, but I would add "caring" and place the adverb "extremely" before each of these terms. She is the best.
Ambere FellerAmbere Feller
14:21 21 Mar 23
Katrina is a kind, knowledgeable professional who can help you pin point the issues you’re experiencing and create a plan to correct them! My sessions with her were relaxed and comfortable despite the ‘uncomfortable’ nature of my condition. I’m forever thankful for her and the tools she gave me to further my pelvic floor health!
William L. McDowellWilliam L. McDowell
21:48 28 Feb 23
Met Katrina while dealing with issues following a prostatectomy. Katrina was completely professional and made a situation that could have been very embarrassing and uncomfortable for me instead very beneficial in my health recovery. I strongly recommend Katrina as a competent, knowledgeable, and highly professional therapist.
Donna McGrealDonna McGreal
17:29 28 Feb 23
Katrina is a 10 on a scale of 5; she strives to deal with each individual's personality and physical situation. In my case, I had an pelvic injury that doctors (mostly males) couldn't diagnose or understand when I described the pain, from an injury that occurred in my late 20's. FINALLY, Katrina identified the problem after 30+ years of pain, and taught me how to exercise and self-manage that continues to serve me today. She listens and cares; I so wish she were still in Chicago, as she always had up-to-date knowledge to share.
Jessica ReddenJessica Redden
19:57 24 Feb 23
I cannot say enough great things about Katrina. She creates a comfortable atmosphere and makes a point to tailor everything she does based on her patients' physical needs but also their personal goals -- all while making you feel like you've known her forever! My work with Katrina led to great physical improvement and strength pre-pregnancy and also during third trimester of pregnancy later on, and she provided me a great foundation to continue much of that work on my own once my time with her was over. Highly recommend!